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Health Care Apps – VS – The Old Hat People

This is a bit off the real estate topic, but I think it is an important point of view that needs more consideration .....

Recently in a Health Care Opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal, Daniel Henninger got it right.

The Health Care System doesn't need any help from Washington;  it needs help from Apple.

Health Care Apps VS The Old Hate PeopleAt the end of the day, Americans want clarity, flexibility, and "limitless, self-defined choice".  Washington, by its very nature, wants control and to maintain power by limiting choice.  To achieve this, Obama & company have been madly trying to cut deals with all the powers that be so that they can limit any dissent and get a bill.  Toward that end, "the Old Hat People have created a health-care bill that is big, complex, incomprehensible and coercive - all the things people hate nowadays".  The only losers here are we, the voters, who will be paying the bills through higher taxes, reduced choices, and declining service.

Now -- Imagine the world based on Health Care Apps. Every person in the country receives them on their iPhone.  If you have a health issue, you search for the apps addressing that problem.  You then receive a wide choice of appropriate services plus the associated cost of each - and you choose what  is appropriate and affordable.  Every hospital and provider can compete in real time with the most innovative and cost effective solutions available.  By their very nature, the best solution will be the most popular driving down the costs for everyone - the free market at its best - and everyone can see this in real time.

The Health Care apps would provide a minimal barrier to entry for any provider with a better idea and become a continuous test bed for innovation.  Consumers would get to receive the best service, best pricing, and newest ideas in real-time. "Over time, with trial and error, a better system would emerge."

Of course, this openness reduces the power and control of the doctors, insurance companies, drug companies, government, and all the other powers that are trying to cling to their control today since we, the consumers, would now be running the show - but, isn't that the way it should be?

Health Care Emrgency(All quotes above are from the October 29, 2009 Wonder Land column: "Obama and the Old Hat People" Opinion piece by Daniel Henninger in The Wall Street Journal".  Please be sure to read his complete column!)

Comment balloon 1 commentDavid Henke • December 06 2009 07:55PM


We need to create a system where the consumer is once again in control.  At the end of the day, we still have the power of the vote.

Posted by David Henke, Realtor, Homes Just West of Philadelphia PA (Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc) about 10 years ago

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