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It's OK to Buy!

In this real estate environment, many people are anxious and confused by what they are hearing from their friends, family, and the media.

Prices are going down...  Rates are going up...  I can't get a loan approved...  The FHA Inspectors will never pass my home...  There's too much inventory to sell now...  There's too little inventory to buy since no one will sell at these prices...

You get the idea.  There is always an excuse not to do something on any given day in any given market.

The reality, thankfully, is quite different:

It's Time to LookPrices are down. For buyers you can buy more for any given price range.  For sellers this is a great time to trade up, the leverage is working in your favor.

Rates are down. This is good for everyone.  It makes the market more fluid, allows more people to enter the market, and particularly for investors, can really add to the cash flow on your investments.

Incentives are up. Particularly for first time home buyers who qualify there is now an up to $8,000 incentive waiting on your next tax form.

Motivated Buyers and Sellers are here. As the press drills the bad news day in and day out, sellers can become nervous and certainly motivated to work with potential buyers.  Any buyer in this market is ready to buy now.  They have all the reasons in the world to put off the decision, if they are looking - they are serious in today's market.

You can't call the bottom - none of us can, but, regardless of the short term price moves, over the long term the market has always gone up.  With a purchase at these rates and price levels, you can enjoy your home or investment for years to come while minimizing the stress of  high debt and monthly payments.  You just need to take the time and energy to make it happen!

Call me now.  It's OK to Buy!

Let me know what you're planning for your next move.



Comment balloon 0 commentsDavid Henke • May 03 2009 10:59PM
It's OK to Buy!
In this real estate environment, many people are anxious and confused by what they are hearing from their friends, family, and the media. Prices are going down… Rates are going up… I can't get a loan approved… The FHA Inspectors will… more
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